Christmas Tree Pop Up Card

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A luscious evergreen tree adorns the soft off-white cover of this amazing Christmas Tree pop up card. A luminous yellow star sits at the very top of the Christmas tree while several artistic ornaments rest on the tree’s full branches. At the base of the trunk, a colorful display of neatly wrapped gifts beautifully complements the scene. When you open up the card, you will see a 3D version of the same lovely green Christmas tree coming out of the center of the card towards you! The collection of presents at the base of the gorgeous tree are colorful and enticing against the bright yellow paper circle in the interior of this amazing pop up card. The tree’s branches are covered in vibrant yellow ornaments, and the top branch holds a shining star, giving the whole thing a magical final touch! 


Inspiration for the Christmas Tree Pop Up Card

It would not be Christmas without a Christmas tree! People have decorated real and faux evergreen trees to celebrate the wintertime holiday season for ages. The excitement that accompanies decorating the tree and opening the presents hiding underneath is something that people all over the world look forward to each year! There is no one correct way to decorate your Christmas tree as long as it looks beautiful to you. With its bright colors and polished aesthetic, this incredible pop up card is ready to be placed on your mantle! 


Occasions for the Christmas Tree Pop Up Card

The Christmas Tree pop up card is perfect for sending season’s greetings in a new and unique way! Wish your loved ones a happy holiday in style with this beautiful pop up card. This lovely greeting card also makes a great piece of decor to give your home an extra burst of festive spirit! 



This Xmas Tree Pop Up card is 5” x 7” (127mm x 177mm).



One Pop Card comes with one blank envelope and one clear plastic bag.

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