Maple Tree Pop Up Autumn Card

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In the center of the light brown card cover is a laser-cut image of a large tree covered in a smattering of maple leaves. Inside the beautiful tree pop up card is a 3D version of the maple tree featured on the cover! The tree explodes out of the page with a brilliant splash of red, orange, and yellow emanating from the leaves growing from the light brown branches. The leaves on the tree have been meticulously cut to ensure that each one is as unique as any individual maple leaf that one would find in nature.


Inspiration for the Maple Tree Pop Up Autumn Card

There is nothing quite like the exquisite maple tree! With the characteristic shape of its leaves and the maple sap running through its trunk, the noble maple tree has captivated people with its natural charm for centuries. The stunning tree popping out of the center of this tree greeting card is assembled by hand using quality materials in order to give it a personal touch and an air of authenticity. You can practically smell the maple coming off of this exquisite tree card!

Our 3D card designs are based on the concept of Kirigami Art and cut with laser technology. Our wonderful staff assemble all of our pop up cards by hand with high-end paper in vibrant colors to ensure that each paper pop up is unique and lovely. 


Occasions for the 3D Maple Tree Card

The maple tree card can be used to wish someone a happy birthday, to thank a loved one, or to celebrate the autumn season! Make an everyday occasion extraordinary with this incredible maple tree card! Perfect as a gift on its own, this autumn card can also be given alongside another present to make any event special! No matter the occasion, Canadians and lovers of nature are sure to adore the fabulous maple tree waiting inside this amazing 3D card!


We leave the 3D card blank so that you can personalize your own greeting message.




This maple tree card is 5.91” x 5.91” (150mm x 150mm).



One Pop Card comes with one blank envelope and one clear plastic bag.

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