16 Creative Valentines Day Ideas to Inspire Romance (in a pandemic)

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Coming up with creative Valentine’s date ideas can be difficult even at the best of times. This year, even those of us who would normally prefer to stay home to avoid the nightmare of trying to snag a scarce dinner reservation are looking for something exciting to shake up the ol’ Netflix on the couch routine! Fortunately for you, we have already done all of the hard work and have put together a list of 16 out-of-the-box ideas for you to enjoy a totally fun and Covid-safe Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart.


  1. Cook a new recipe together.

Keep it simple and tasty, or go all out on a gourmet meal! Is it hot in the kitchen ...or is it just the two of you? ;)

  1. Go skating or snowshoeing, and then warm up with some delicious hot chocolate.

This one is perfect if you are an active couple or simply want to take advantage of the winter weather!

  1. Throw a karaoke party in your living room.

No karaoke machine required. Search for a karaoke version of your favorite songs on YouTube and sing your hearts out together!

  1. Take a break from everything with a spa day at home.

Slice some cucumbers for your eyes, grab a couple of your favorite face masks, and take turns giving each other foot massages. Take a deep breath and imagine the stress melting away while you spend some quality time with your significant other.

  1. Build an epic blanket fort.

Just like when you were kids, except you can stay up as late as you want!

  1. Put your teamwork to the test with a virtual escape room.

Are you a problem-solving power couple? This is one date night guaranteed to test your brains and your communication skills!

  1. Create a love time capsule.

Decorate a box or container of your choice. Then, fill it with your happy memories, your favorite things about each other, and souvenirs from your best adventures! Hide it in the back of a closet, and set a date in the future to re-open your capsule of love. There’s no better way to remind yourselves that your love has always been timeless. 

  1. Make a TikTok video

You might become TikTok famous, or maybe you’ll just have a total blast trying out a new trend! Whatever you create a flop or a following, you’re sure to have a great time doing it together.

  1. Make breakfast for dinner and then eat it in bed.

Treat yourselves. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, mimosas - you deserve the works!

  1. Order a four-course meal from four different restaurants.

 Drinks from one restaurant, appetizers from another, main course from somewhere different, and dessert from yet one more place! Flip a coin or take turns deciding who chooses where you’ll grab each course.

  1. Write your own story one word at a time.

Alternate saying only one word each, and see what kind of wild story you can create together!

  1. Catch some (almost) live music.

Stream a virtual concert or re-watch a recording of a live show by your favorite artist. Turn it up and enjoy front row seats to your own personal concert!

  1. Try a virtual double date.

Shake up your date night by connecting with another couple on a video call. Chat about what’s new or challenge the other couple to a friendly competition with some virtual games. May the best couple win!

  1. Spend a whole evening taking online quizzes.

Find out how compatible you are or fall down the rabbit hole of Buzzfeed love quizzes. You’re sure to end the night having learned something cool about your boo!

  1. Have a board game or video game marathon.

A little friendly competition can really spice up an ordinary date night! Choose several of your favorite games and spend your whole date battling it out for victory!

  1. Replace all your Christmas tree decorations with Valentine’s Day décor.

Ahem, you know who you are. If your tree is still up, why not make the most of it and turn it into a tree of love? Fill your tree’s branches with homemade crafts, love notes, chocolate, or whatever else you like!


We hope you have a fabulous time trying out some of these zany suggestions with your loved one. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have so much fun starting a new tradition that you will forego the Valentine’s Day restaurant reservations next year too!

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