Tank Pop Up Card

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Laser-cut into the stunning green cover of this tank card, you will find a striking illustration of a military tank. Open up this magnificent military greeting card to discover a 3D version of the tank waiting inside! The tank is a vibrant green with light yellow details, perfectly matching the front of the pop up card. The rustic military tank inside has been carefully constructed by hand with superior materials in order to closely resemble the real thing! Green missile details can be found in the corners of the cards interior, flawlessly completing the overall aesthetic of this pop up tank card.


Inspiration for the 3D Tank Card

The tank inside this fantastic pop up card has been meticulously assembled to look as authentic as possible. We have brightened up the colors that compose the tank inside this tank 3D card to give it that extra bit of artistic flare. The Tank Pop Up Card perfectly conveys the senses of power and toughness that you would glean from one of the real machines!

Our 3D card designs are based on the concept of Kirigami Art and cut with laser technology. Our wonderful staff assemble all of our pop up cards by hand with high-end paper in vibrant colors to ensure that each pop up art is unique and lovely. 


Occasions for the 3D Pop Up Tank Card

The incredible tank card is a wonderful gift to give for birthdays! Kids will be especially delighted to receive such a fun surprise inside their birthday card! Send your greetings inside the pop up card to the military enthusiast in your life to give them the gift of excitement on a special occasion! Whatever the event, this unique pop up card is sure to be a unique surprise to your recipient!


We leave the 3D card blank so that you can personalize your own greeting message.



This tank 3D card is 7.87” x 5.91” (200mm x 150mm).



One Pop Card comes with one blank envelope and one clear plastic bag.



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