Hummingbird Pop Up Card

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A green hummingbird with a red neck hovers gracefully on the front of this light blue cover as it sips nectar from pretty pink flowers. Inside the card, a 3D version of the scene from the cover shows the hummingbird resting on a beautiful bouquet of flowers! The gorgeous array of colours are perfectly complemented by the soft blue interior of the card, which has been covered in delicate white flowers.


Inspiration for the Hummingbird Pop-Up Card

Hummingbirds are known for being tiny balls of energy, flapping their wings many times each second to hover in the air! They are a delight for the eyes of any bird watcher or lover of nature. You can always tell when one is nearby when you hear the humming sound of their rapidly beating wings!


Occasions for the Hummingbird Pop-Up Card

The Hummingbird Pop-Up Card makes an excellent gift for the bird lover in your life! The stunning scene in this card makes it ideal for sending birthday wishes, congratulations, thank-you’s, or everyday greetings to the special people in your life! No matter the occasion, this breathtaking greeting card is sure to make your recipient’s heart soar! 


We leave the 3D card blank so that you can personalize your own greeting message.



This Hummingbird Pop Up card is 7.1” x 5.1” (180mm x 130mm).



One Pop Card comes with one blank envelope and one clear plastic bag.


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