Dragonfly Pop Up Card

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After seeing the amazing detail in the wings of the dragonfly that has been laser-cut onto the blue cover, you will not be able to resist immediately opening up this fabulous card! When you do, you will be treated to the most fantastic 3D image of a blue and yellow dragonfly resting daintily on a vibrant pink flower! Looking at the fine detail of the dragonfly’s wings, you will hardly believe they’re made of paper. Next to the dragonfly are two rich green lily pads floating softly in the water. Perfectly completing the scene inside this card are four small etched dragonflies adorning each corner of the interior.


Inspiration for the Dragonfly Pop-Up Card

The delicate butterfly is a symbol of change, transformation, and adaptability. It often reflects a shift in thinking to understand a deeper meaning of life! The complexity of such a transition is wonderfully captured by the intricate nature of this breathtaking pop-up card. After experiencing the artistry inside this incredible card, you are sure to see this wonder of nature in a whole new light! 


Occasions for the Dragonfly Pop-Up Card

This fabulous card is the perfect way to send greetings to the dragonfly or insect lover in your life! Or, give this card to someone experiencing a new stage in their journey. Great for birthdays, celebrations, or everyday greetings, your recipient’s face is sure to adore the exquisite detail and pleasing array of colours contained within this one-of-a-kind pop-up card!


We leave the 3D card blank so that you can personalize your own greeting message.



This Dragonfly card is 4.72” x 7.09” (130mm x 180mm).



One Pop Card comes with one blank envelope and one clear plastic bag.

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