Ladybug Pop Up Card

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The exquisite watercolour painting on the cover of this magnificent card depicts a small ladybug resting on a golden sunflower while another ladybug flies gracefully through the sky in the sunshine. Open up the card to see a delightful scene consisting of a 3D ladybug resting in the centre of a vibrant sunflower! The beautiful yellow petals overlap beautifully over the luscious leaves of the plant while the brilliantly red ladybug sits on top contentedly. The bold black spots of the ladybug wonderfully contrast its rich red body, creating a pleasing scene overall.  


Inspiration for the Ladybug Pop Up Card

The flower and ladybug featured in this pop up card have been crafted with incredible detail in order to create an authentic visual experience. The 3D scene inside this amazing card looks so realistic, you will hardly believe it is made out of paper! A perfect representation of those last few sunny days on the cusp of autumn, the artistry of the Ladybug pop up card generates pleasant sentiments of warmth and tranquility. 


Occasions for the Ladybug Pop Up Card

Celebrate a summer birthday, give everyday greetings, and wish someone well, or send a custom message with the Ladybug pop up card! This breathtaking greeting card is both beautiful and versatile enough to be used for any occasion! 




This Beautiful Ladybug card is 5” x 7” (127mm x 177mm).



One Pop Card comes with one blank envelope and one clear plastic bag.

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