Teapot Pop Up Card

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Located in the bottom right corner of the baby blue card cover is a laser-cut image of a sleek teapot. Steam rises out of the spout, indicating that there is a fresh brew waiting for you! There is something else waiting for you, too! Open the 3D card, and out pops a 3D teapot in royal blue and white. The spout elegantly curves up towards you and the embellishments on the side perfectly enhance the teapots exterior. In one corner of the pop up cards interior, you will find another illustration of a teapot to perfectly complete the scene!


Inspiration for the 3D Teapot Card

Two for tea and tea for two! People love tea! We use it to comfort, to bond, and to refresh for a variety of different occasions. Whether you prefer it hot and without additives, or cool and sweetened, tea is an important part of our lives and cultures. The cute teapot in this unique paper pop up card wonderfully conveys the importance of this seemingly simple beverage to people of all walks of life!

Our 3D card designs are based on the concept of Kirigami Art and cut with laser technology. Our wonderful staff assemble all of our pop up cards by hand with high-end paper in vibrant colors to ensure that each pop up art is unique and lovely. 


Occasions for the Pop Up Teapot Card

The amazing teapot card makes a lovely gift for a multitude of occasions including birthdays, thank-yous, retirements, congratulatory events, and everyday greetings! Give this incredible pop up card to a special person over a cup of steaming tea as a perfect way to express your appreciation of their friendship! A special gift on its own, you can also give this teapot 3D card as a secret gift inside of a real teapot or tea cup! When you explore the many ways to gift the pop up card, you are sure to witness your recipients face light up with a smile!


We leave the 3D card blank so that you can personalize your own greeting message.



This teapot 3D card is 5.91” x 5.91” (150mm x 150mm).



One Pop Card comes with one blank envelope and one clear plastic bag.


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