Soccer Pop Up Card-darker color

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The front of the soccer card cover features a green laser-cut image of a soccer player athletically kicking a soccer ball. Popping out of the green interior of the 3D card, you will find a soccer player poised to shoot a soccer ball into the net to score a goal! The athlete featured in this soccer card is wearing a bright yellow jersey, making him stand out from the rest of this stunning scene. The large white net in the middle of the soccer greeting card has been expertly assembled with fine detail, giving this unique pop up card a lovely personal touch!


Inspiration for the Soccer Pop Up Birthday Card

The love of the game is perfectly captured by this thrilling 3D soccer card! Soccer is a sport loved by millions of fans all over the world. Many people are drawn to the skill and athleticism required to excel at the fantastic sport! Whether you play like a pro or would prefer to watch them on TV, this lovely pop up card encapsulates the concepts of competition and sportsmanship which are integral to the sport! With its animated details and vibrant colors, the Soccer Pop Up Card is a lively sight to behold!

Our 3D card designs are based on the concept of Kirigami Art and cut with laser technology. Our wonderful staff assemble all of our pop up cards by hand with high-end paper in vibrant colors to ensure that each pop up art is unique and lovely. 


Occasions for the Pop Up 3D Soccer Card

This hand assembled soccer card makes an excellent birthday gift! Kids, especially, will adore the playful spirit of this 3D card. Use this soccer card to congratulate a soccer player on a recent win or send it containing your well-wishes to a soccer lover for nearly any occasion! You are sure to score a goal with your recipient when you give them this lovely Soccer Pop Up Card!  


We leave the 3D card blank so that you can personalize your own greeting message.



This 3D soccer card is 7.87” x 5.91” (200mm x 150mm).



One Pop Card comes with one blank envelope and one clear plastic bag.






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