Igloo Christmas Pop Up Card

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Featured on the cover of this lovely pop up card is a frosty blue igloo atop the words “Merry Christmas”. A brilliant 3D version of the igloo from the cover pops out of this stunning card whenever you open it. Decorated with a green and red holiday wreath, the white and blue igloo stands solidly in the middle of this amazing card. Three adorable penguins wearing hats and carrying presents surround the snow dwelling. Peeking out from behind the sturdy igloo is a luscious star-studded evergreen tree. Tiny penguin footprints embedded into the card’s interior lead up to the entrance of the igloo, giving it an extra playful feel. Perfectly complemented by the baby blue background, this pop up card is a masterpiece to behold!


Inspiration for the Igloo Christmas Pop Up Card

Igloos, derived from the Inuit word “iglu”, are typically thought of as domed snow houses, as portrayed in this pop up card. Although igloos are often associated with all Inuit peoples, these snow dwellings were traditionally connected to the people from Canada’s Central Arctic and Greenland’s Thule area. Outside of Inuit culture, igloos are symbols of winter and shelter. Anyone who has ever been inside one could attest to just how cozy igloos can be on the inside!


Occasions for the Igloo Christmas Pop Up Card

Use the Igloo Christmas pop up card to send any type of winter holiday greetings to your recipient. The playful scene inside will be sure to bring warmth and delightful feelings to whomever you decide to give this beautiful card! 



This Xmas 3D card is 5” x 7” (127mm x 177mm).



One Pop Card comes with one blank envelope and one clear plastic bag.

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