Parrot Pop Up Card

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A brilliant Green-Winged Macaw warmed by a sunny yellow background and perched on a branch of tropical foliage, graces the cover of this card. Opening it releases this remarkable bird in all its glorious plumage. His sassy demeanor leads us to imagine that he’s about to request a snack or to leave his nest of subtle pink flowers to hop up on an outstretched finger. 

Inspiration for the Parrot  Pop Up Card

Few feathered creatures evoke character and comedy quite like a parrot. Add to that the dazzling cacophony of colors that each species is blessed with and the desire to bring that image, to be enjoyed by all, was only natural.

Occasions for the Parrot  Pop Up Card

Everyone can use a reason to smile. Whether it’s a friend who’s going through a challenging time, a family member who you’ve not seen for some time, or even a child who finds themselves overwhelmed by the circumstances of the day. Not everyone knows what to say in a text, email, or phone call. Let this cheeky fellow say it for you; that you care and are thinking about them.


We leave the 3D card blank so that you can personalize your own greeting message.



This lovely colorful parrot pop up card is 7.87” x 5.91” (200mm x 150mm).



One Pop Card comes with one blank envelope and one clear plastic bag.

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